Ecosystems of Space Vacuum and Interaction of Civilizations in Multiverse
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A category "safety" is extremely broad and multifaceted - from the individual to the national and, next, humanity "geopolitics" safety.

The cosmopolitics deals with a global schemes of astro-engineering regularization and managements. This are a high-energy and a deadly radiating systems (in terms of astrophysics) that are not compatible with any the biological life. Such schemes use technical (drone-like) intellectual tools of remote monitoring of objects (peoples) for their safety. The general system of this tools is works as a global noo-technotronic technological network, which has features of psychotronic control that accomodating the noosphere of humanity.


In our context, we can point to a problems of asteroid safety, safety against intrusion of extraterrestrial own kind (or not own kind) and "sun-earth space weather". They are a classic problems, and they will not considered, because they are hesitant by existing national structures such as defense departments and health departments (we also omitted the problem of the astronomical nature like the sun aging, or flowing at the moment of our galaxy collision with the neighboring Andromeda galaxy).

A problems of personal safety (ie in their superposition it's a national safety) remained. Above, we have got one of a science definitions of politics as "psychophysical" definition of cosmopolitics (section "Science/definitions"):
Definition 5 ("psychophysical"): "Cosmopolitics - the science that studies the influence (and manifestations of this influence) of the dominant subjects geopolitics on a social consciousness of objects of geopolitics (ie, entities that do not have a sovereignty in the cosmopolitics relations system), on a dynamics of their development, the violation of their development, as well as individual consciousness in the process of their development". As is known, the safety of the individual consciousness is called psychophysical health.

People who deal with (one way or another) the manifestations of alien activity are obliged to know the basics of psychophysical safety (hygiene).

Psychophysical health of the individual in society, at all times, being dependent on the number of remote factors, is formed and preserved from birth to middle age. During this period, the psychophysical protection of the individual is presented by his holistic cultural, psycho-emotional shell that is robust resist to negative subconscious influences (including any suggestive). During this period, there are no any threats for psychophysical health of individual, for exception of rare cases of targeted hacking of his consciousness by an instrumental or remote means.

Thereafter (i.e. starting from mature) as age-related physiological phenomenon, there are forming the so-called telepathic or "explicit, conscious personal information channels". Starting at about pre-retirement age a large lot of people begin to hear voices, and they get usually offensive to him an information, etc. etc. Problem in that this are nonprotected subconsious suggestive channels. A relatively very small proportion of people are receiving a remote information for some reason in a non-offensive form, which makes this activity relatively comfortable. Such people are called contactees, usually. Even less numerical group of people of our society are getting the remote information forcibly and in some cases in the visual form, this - the so-called "clairvoyants" and "mediums". Forcibly - that means literally that in the overwhelming majority they are excluded from social life, i.e. they are dependents or disabled. How do they adapt to life - nobody interested. As result, in each country there is a whole social stratums, which has telepathic abilities or telepathic channels, that formed starting from the age of maturity. How they cope with their problems - it is individually in each country. So far, as the common place, is the fact that modern medicine is strongly masks the phenomenon and pretends that it does not officially exist.

According to reliable information the site of the author, it is a regulated phenomenon and under a specific adaptation can be by various means (but not by means altering consciousness - alcohol, psychedelic, psychotropic, etc.) an adjust the intensity and switch back to own basic consciousness. Therefore, with the appearance of the corresponding symptoms (initial stage - a voices hearing, intermediate - parallelization of consciousness of individual, irreversible - replacement of consciousness of individual by consciousness hostile implant), you can to adapt and to remain in the normal social life. In other words, none of these steps is not fatally irreversible.

After adaptation to age telepathy it gives certain advantages. For example, telepathic information that within the competence of the individual will be read as on-line, without any meditation; You will be able to short-term prediction of their own destiny to the status of, for example, travel flight, etc. etc.

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