Ecosystems of Space Vacuum and Interaction of Civilizations in Multiverse
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      A devices for home ufo registration.  
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The site is dedicated to global schemes of an astroengineering regularization and managements. This are a high-energy and deadly radiating systems (in terms of string theory) that are not compatible with any the biological life. Such schemes use technical drone-like intellectual tools of remote monitoring of objects (peoples) for their safety. These intelligent drone systems (spheres, triangles and its combinations) are often identified as a UFO. Like any drones they are able to work either individually or in a collective mode.

One of main feature of these drones is that they in stealth mode and don't have a heat trace. Modern assortiment of the means of tech vision is very variety so that a tech abilities of a vision means allow to make a home registration of an ufo.

Warning: a birds are sometimes registered as ufo.  In all cases an individual interpretation is requires.
1) Dan Woerner night vision observations
    The results of night sky scanning are shown on left. An invidual and group images of extraterrestrial vehicles in stealth mode are here. Vehicles speed more then usual aircraft speed.

Full Dan Woerner collections are in Youtube.

PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular     "Night Vision" monocular with which results were obtained.
                                                  Heavenly pool.
The above example - an automatic mode of drones in sky. An example of the left - more complex, probably non-automated mode. First, an object quickly fired in downward direction. Then, the object collides with another object, which begins to move slowly in a perpendicular direction. All this takes place in the lower atmosphere. This is a rare case of registrations, because for this simple "mechanics" may be hiding a very complex relationships, when one device hit another device. Other, or similar observations in the earth atmosphere are in resource.
2) Lou's channel observations
    Video with a rare "ichthyoids" devices is left. This is completely a spy extraterrestrial  intellectual technical device sized about 1 meter. Video is interesting because there are not known groups of ones until.  They looks like as very fast moving pseudo-cylindrical fish, which is aggressively working tail. They are invisible move in the atmosphere, as fish in a water.

                Supplementation for the Lou's documentary.
Perhaps should say an "ichthyoids" already showed in Hollywood (as huge biological being) by efforts of a "pseudo-contactees" and presented in the the film. The frames of an running ones in a dust which next moment are loaded into a spaсe ship are in the movie on left. Correctness should be clarified.
3) NASA infared observations. NASA infared datas is as home night vision but more transparent and cleare quality. 
  The Earth and her athmosphere are left. The illuminated atoll reef is visible. Clearly recorded as one "ichthyoids" (an extraterrestrial intellectual device) is launched from the reef (compare with Lou's data).

  The lot of a stealth devices are scattered in the solar-terrestrial space. They are not visible in optic range totally, but they visible in infared only. Has been clearly recorded as one device is emerges from hyperspace with growing illumination and, "cooled", becomes one of many ones.
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